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Sweat Pads For Underarms ( Pack Of 10 pcs )

Sweat Pads For Underarms ( Pack Of 10 pcs )

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About this item

  • Sweat Pads for Underarms. 1 Pack = 10 Pieces of Sweat Pads for Underarms Disposable Highly Absorbent Sweat Pads Cotton Underarm Perspiration Pad for Men and Women.

  • Sweat Pad is completely absorbent at the point of contact ensuring that no moisture stains or odor reach your clothing or skin whatsoever.

  • Your garment remains completely Dry, Stainless and Clean. The Sweat Pad is Anti Allergic, Anti Bacteria and Anti Smell.

  • Suitable for men, women and Children. It is Ultra-thin and lightweight. The Sweat Pad fits comfortably to all types of clothing.

  • Sweat Pads are disposable pads that needs discarded after every use. It really works and now no more underarm stains. The Pads are made of imported premium quality.
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